All chalets are heated with a small radiator, have window shelves, sleeping benches and cat flaps.  Pens are separated by brick walls (bottom) and white sheeting for sneeze barriers (above).  For added security there is a safety corridor adjacent to the runs.


Only cats from the SAME HOUSEHOLD will be allowed to share.  There are facilities for up to 4 cats sharing.  If at any time during their stay, there is a dispute amongst the family members and it is a continuous battle, we would, with your prior permission, remove the trouble maker(s) to other pens in the main Cattery, if they are available, to maintain a peaceful and happy environment.  If there are no pens available at the time, we may consider moving them into an Isolation Unit until a pen becomes available in the main Cattery.


Beds, bedding, scratching posts and toys are provided but owners are welcome to bring their pets’ own beds and bedding, together with their toys, scratching posts and anything else that may help to make their pets have a happy and enjoyable stay.


Your feline friends are fed three times daily, if required. Individual diets are catered for, including prescription diets wherever possible, however, there are times where we cannot obtain the prescription diet and we would ask that you bring in your own supply.


Grooming is provided during boarding, if required.


Visitors are welcome to inspect the Cattery, preferably BY APPOINTMENT, and are asked not to touch any of the cats in order to minimise the spread of infection.


Should the Cattery have to be vacated for an reason, all Boarders will be found alternative accommodation by placing them in another local reputable Cattery, unless other instructions have been put in place. Owners will be notified of any such changes prior to their returning home.